Uniforms – 2020 Season

Not only do we have fun playing ultimate, we look great while doing it!  All teams have mandatory uniform requirements and a couple of optional uniform items as well.  All players are required to wear uniforms for tournament attendance.  Uniforms are NOT to be worn for practices (with the exception of the Reversible Practice Jersey).

All players will receive a long sleeve OJCUP Jersey to help showcase our program.  The cost of this promotional long sleeve jersey is included in the team fees.

Players new to the program will select a uniform number and keep that number for their entire OJCUP career.  When ordering their uniform, new players will have the option to select a uniform number from a list of available numbers.

Returning players, including those players moving from one team to another, will keep their uniform number from previous years.  Returning players may also use uniform pieces from previous years, providing they comply with the requirements for the current season.  Refer to each team’s uniform order form for a list of items mandatory for this season.

Please note that samples for sizing will be available at the Players and Parents Season-Opener Meetings

  • April 6, 2020 (Wicked West & Wicked East)
  • April 7, 2019 (Ignite, Scorch & Blaze)

Parents will also have the opportunity to purchase YOW long-sleeved shirts (black) for $40 at the Players and Parents Meeting.