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How is the juniors program different from a recreational league?

There are a number of advantages to playing on a competitive Ultimate team.

First of all, players see their skills and strength improve immensely when they join a competitive team. The schedule includes two highly structured practices a week with fitness training and skill development led by experienced coaches.

OJCUP also provides players with the opportunity to play in tournaments against other high-level North American teams in a competitive setting.

All of this builds close bonds among players on the teams—and it’s a lot of fun!

The OJCUP experience also lays the groundwork for players to continue enjoying Ultimate on competitive leagues when they become adults.

What if my child can not attend every tournament?

It negatively affects the team when players miss a game, but we recognize that families have other obligations during the season.

We ask that families let us know as early as possible if they are not able to attend the tournaments their team has registered for.

Why are players and parents expected to volunteer?

The cost of playing in a competitive sports league is much higher when there are staff members. The budget for the OJCUP program predominantly covers tournament fees and extra facility rentals.

Practice fields and all the administration that goes in to running a competitive team are covered through volunteer hours. Therefore, it is up to all of us to collaborate on keeping the program running at a minimum cost. It’s also a great way to meet people!

Players are asked to volunteer 8 hours per season which defrays the $120 per player cost to rent fields. Parents are asked to contribute 4 hours, or pay a $100 fee. (But volunteering is more fun!)

Why are there so many different organizations?

Every sport in Canada follows an almost identical structure as laid out by Sport Canada. A National Sport Organization (NSO)—ours is Ultimate Canada—governs each sport on the national level. They are in charge of national events such as the Canadian Ultimate Championships (CUC).

At the provincial level, we have Ontario Ultimate. They take care of any qualification for teams headed to CUC and they head up the delivery of all training courses required by our coaches.

Our local city league, OCUA (Ottawa Carleton Ultimate Association) is our local league partner that helps support the local competitive Ultimate clubs. OJ-CUP is one of those clubs.

Players pay membership fees to OJ-CUP, OCUA and CUC (for regional and national tournaments).