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About the Program

Ottawa Juniors Competitive Ultimate Program aims to grow and support competitive Ultimate for Junior players in the Ottawa area. We recruit junior age players to join competitive junior teams and we train in the short summer season with aim to represent Ontario at the CUC Nationals tournament in August.

OJCUP operates under the rules set out by Ultimate Canada, the governing body for the Sport of Ultimate in Canada, and in association with the Ottawa Carleton Ultimate Association (OCUA). OCUA is a non-profit organization in the Ottawa-Carleton area whose primary mandate is to organize and promote the growth of the sport of Ultimate in the Ottawa-Carleton region.

OJCUP consists of a group of volunteers fulfilling administrative and coaching duties, and the teams of Junior players.

Meet the Team

Position: Name: Contact:
General Manager Marisa Fosco TBD
Assistant General Manager Mandy Brady TBD
Treasurer TBD TBD
Accountant TBD TBD
Team (Wicked West) Manager TBD TBD
Team (Wicked East) Manager TBD TBD
Team (Ignite) Manager TBD TBD
Team (Scorch) Manager TBD TBD
Team (Blaze) Manager TBD TBD
Fundraising Manager Shanna Andrews TBD
Social Media Manager  Open Position TBD
Recruitment Manager  Open Position TBD
Website Manager Bryan Watson website@ojcup.com
Website Manager Julie Dunnigan TBD

Wicked Coaching Team

Hali Grenon
Hali GrenonHead Coach - West
Bio Coming Soon!
Evan Waterman
Evan WatermanHead Coach - West
Bio Coming Soon!
Becky Thompson
Becky ThompsonHead Coach - East
Becky is a decorated junior, varsity, national, and international ultimate player, most recently playing for Team Canada U24 mixed at worlds in Perth, Australia. Becky has been coaching junior competitive ultimate since 2014.
Barry Stockbrugger
Barry StockbruggerTraining & Condition Coach
Bio Coming Soon!
Mike Belanger
Mike BelangerCoach
Bio Coming Soon!
Teri-Lynne Belanger
Teri-Lynne BelangerCoach
Bio Coming Soon!
Clare Gee
Clare GeeCoach
Bio Coming Soon!

Ignite Coaching Team

Andrew Leach
Andrew Leach Coach
Bio Coming Soon!
Sebastien Labrecque
Sebastien LabrecqueCoach
Bio Coming Soon!
Brad Cheer
Brad CheerCoach
Bio Coming Soon!

Scorch Coaching Team

Sebastien Belanger
Sebastien BelangerHead Coach
Bio Coming Soon!

Blaze Coaching Team

Karlis Bouse
Karlis BouseHead Coach
Karlis has been playing Ultimate since 1990, and has competed at the varsity, national, and international level. Karlis has been coaching junior ultimate since 2011.
Chris Millington
Chris MillingtonCoach
Chris has been playing for 23+ years, and has played at all levels with the exception of a competitive travelling team. Chris has been a captain and coach for many years, and was on the OCUA Board of Directors for 5 years.
Stephane Joseph
Stephane JosephCoach
Stephane has been playing ultimate since 2004 and can now say he has been playing for more than half his life. With all his experience he wishes to pass the joy of Ultimate onto future generations.


OCUA – Ottawa Carleton Ultimate Association

At OCUA, we love Ultimate, and we want everyone else to love it too! Our goal is to promote the sport of Ultimate in the Ottawa region. We run leagues and tournaments, and operate the world’s first multi-field facility designed specifically for Ultimate. We currently have over 4000 members, and our summer league is among the largest in the world!

  • Our Mission: To deliver a quality Ultimate experience in the Ottawa – Carleton region.
  • Our Vision: The Ottawa Carleton Ultimate Association is the leading Ultimate organization that supports every player through player development, league management and strategic relationships, in reaching their desired level of play in a top quality environment.
  • Our Values: Spirit of the Game – Sportsmanship – Fun – Responsiveness to the community – Fairness in dealing with partners and sponsors – Social and environmental responsibility – Sustainable growth
  • Our Slogan: The greatest sport. The Ultimate people.
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Ultimate Canada

Mission statement: Lead, develop and promote excellence and spirit in Canadian Ultimate.

Ultimate Canada is a national organization that governs the sport of Ultimate in Canada. Their values are:

  • Spirit of the Game: Fostering relationships in a respectful manner consistent with the Spirit of the Game
  • Excellence: Supporting people and teams in achieving their goals and striving for professional excellence in all of our activities
  • Accountability: Open and honest communication with our membership by transparently outlining and reporting all of our activities and policies
  • Integrity: Delivering programs, services and activities in an honest and honourable manner
  • Inclusiveness: Encourage anyone wanting to get involved in our activities to participate.
  • Leadership: Through collaboration, we listen, we inspire, foster, educate and support Ultimate Canada.
  •  Ultimate Canada works to improve Ultimate through Athlete Development, Participation, Competitiveness, Capacity and Spirit of the Game.
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